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Anderson Manufacturing Offers New AM-15 Rifles

HEBRON, KENTUCKY-Anderson Manufacturing, a machine shop that rescued its operations by entering the business of designing and manufacturing AR-15 style rifles, now offers five different models of rifles for hunting, target shooting, and military/police applications.

Designated with the “AM” (Anderson Manufacturing) moniker to set them apart from traditional “AR” (Armalite Rifle) models, Anderson Manufacturing rifles offer design and build quality that exceeds that of other firearms manufacturers around the world along with RF-85, a proprietary metal treatment that reduces friction on all the steel surfaces by 85%, resulting in a more efficient and reliable weapon. Known as RF-85 (reduce friction 85%), the treatment offers significant benefits such as faster cycle rates and cooler operating temperatures. This results in significantly less wear on the weapon, thereby increasing its life. In addition, an RF-85 treated weapon does not need “wet” lubricants. As such, the weapon experiences fewer failures due to excess dirt and carbon fouling in the action, thereby increasing its reliability.

RF-85 treated Anderson Manufacturing rifles include a Heavy-Barrel Carbine [.223/5.56mm], an M4 Carbine [in both .223/5.56mm and 6.8 SPC], a Heavy Barrel Sniper [.223/5.56mm], and a Heavy Barrel Varminter [.223/5.56mm]. The company also offers a full line of parts and accessories, including free float forearm kits with low profile gas blocks, full-length Picatinny rails, and 3-3/4″ elevated rails.

Anderson Manufacturing is a Hebron, Kentucky-based state-of-the-art manufacturing facility founded in 1965. With clients in the aerospace and automotive industries, Anderson Manufacturing now manufactures its own line of AR-15′s with the “AM” moniker. Offered in forged or machined billet, Anderon manufactures all receivers to 100% mil-spec with hard-anodized 8625 F finish, 7075-T6 aluminum. All tolerances are held to strictest “match grade” levels.

Tom Steffner, Vice President – Sales, (859) 689-4085, tsteffner@atdmachineshop.com.

Ruger Offers Piston Driven Uppers for SR-556 AR Platform

Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. (NYSE: RGR), announces the availability of three, AR-style upper receiver assemblies featuring the innovative two-stage, piston driven performance of the SR-556® family. These rugged and reliable SR-556 piston driven uppers run cleaner, cooler, and are easier to maintain than traditional gas driven systems, offering significantly improved reliability. SR-556 upper assemblies will be available through firearms retailers and ShopRuger.com.
Now all AR owners can enjoy the features of the SR-556 platform, including the patent pending two-stage piston driven operating system that provides a smooth power delivery stroke to the action and vents combustion residue out of the bottom of the gas block. The four-position adjustable gas regulator allows the operator to tune the rifle to specific ammunition and rifle conditions, minimizing recoil and maximizing reliability and long-term endurance. Reliability is further enhanced by a one-piece bolt carrier with an integral transfer key. Designed for long-lasting accuracy, the chrome lined barrels are cold hammer-forged from Mil-Spec 41V45 Chrome-Moly-Vanadium steel.

The standard SR-556 upper chambered in 5.56 mm NATO/.223 features a heavy contour, 16.1″ barrel with a 1:9 twist rate, and is capped with a Mini-14/SR-556 flash suppressor mounted on 1/2-28 threads. A one-piece, ten-inch quad rail handguard provides ample room for mounting sights, optics and accessories. Made exclusively for Ruger, this SR-556-specific handguard is pinned to the upper receiver, creating a near-monolithic upper receiver assembly and providing a rugged mounting system for the piston driven transfer rod.
A carbine-length version of the popular SR-556 two-stage, piston driven AR-style upper is also available. The carbine upper features a heavy contour, fluted barrel that is 1-3/4″ shorter and a half-pound lighter than the barrel on the standard SR-556. The 1:9 twist rate, 16.1″ barrel on the carbine features an integrally machined flash suppressor, which minimizes the overall length of the barrel while complying with ATF regulations for civilian and commercial sales. This carbine version maintains the mid-length gas system and heavy (.850″) barrel contour under the handguard, but the barrel is fluted for weight reduction and to promote barrel cooling.
Those seeking to equip their modern rifle with ample power for hunting medium-sized game or greater muzzle and downrange energy capability for defensive or tactical roles can select an upper chambered in the capable 6.8 SPC caliber. The SR-556/6.8 features upper features a heavy contour, 1:10 twist barrel with a standard SAAMI 6.8 SPC chambering. The chrome-lined, cold hammer-forged barrel is 16.12″ long, is threaded 5/8-24, and is capped with the effective and distinctive Mini-14/SR-556 flash suppressor.
All three uppers are equipped with folding, back-up iron sights. These rugged, high-quality sights co-witness with Mil-Spec optics, and are easily removed or replaced. The sights can be folded down with the push of a button, or quickly flipped up with your thumbs. The windage adjustable rear sight includes an instantly converted short and long-range aperture, and the protected front sight is elevation adjustable.
Durability and performance of the SR-556 is enhanced with the use of high-performance finishes: The barrel and gas block are chrome lined, while the piston, bolt, bolt carrier, and extractor are chrome plated. The piston driven transfer rod is electroless nickel/Teflon coated. The flash hider and the exterior of the barrel, gas block, and regulator are manganese phosphate coated. All aluminum parts are Mil-Spec hard coat anodized.
The SR-556 rifle and carbine uppers chambered in 5.56mm NATO are shipped with three, thirty-round Magpul PMAG™ magazines. These lightweight magazines feature a storage/dust cover, a stainless steel spring, and a self-lubricating, anti-tilt follower. The 6.8 SPC chambered upper is shipped with one five-round magazine and two twenty-five round magazines. Three rail covers, provided with each upper, provide a comfortable ergonomic hold when carrying or shooting. All Uppers are shipped in a padded carry case that features the Ruger logo, hook-and-loop fasteners to stabilize the rifle within the case, and internal magazine pockets.
For more information on the cooler cleaner performing AR uppers from Ruger, or to learn more about the extensive line of Ruger firearms, visit www.Ruger.com. To find accessories for the SR-556 Uppers or other Ruger firearms, visit www.ShopRuger.com.