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NAA Mini – NAA-1 – MSRP $109.95

When you put a new LaserLyte NAA-1 on your pistol you will have smallest laser and pistol combination in the world. The miniaturized laser clamps to the top of the North American Arms 22lr, 22mag, Black Widow, Mini Master and the Wasp, and provides laser accuracy. The miniaturized laser sight adds true repeat shooting accuracy by giving a point of reference with the small red dot. This fully adjustable laser once it is sighted-in gives you a new shooting distance for this gun.
The unique toggle activation switch can be adjusted to ensure a safe carry in the holster or pocket without accidental activation. The other adjustment on this laser allows for quick activation while cocking the pistol.
This is truly a very practical setup with a miniature weapon that you do not have to compromise the use of sights with.

Key Points:
• Miniaturized design
• Instinctive cocking activation
• Smallest laser and gun combination
• Extends shooting range for pistol
• Stylized look and feel to gun
- Product Number: NAA-1
- Compatible Firearms: North American Arms 22LR, 22MAG, Black Widow, Mini Master & Wasp
• L x W x H • 1.6 in. x .52 in. x .53 in.
• Weight: .4 oz
• Run time: approximately 1.5 hours
• Batteries: 3 x 392 • Activation: toggle switch
• Mounting: clamping
• Fits: North American Arms 22lr and 22mag


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