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Gamo Unveils Lethal™ Hunting Pellet


Fort Lauderdale, FL – Gamo Outdoor USA (www.gamooutdoorusa.com), will release a premium new .177 pellet that can penetrate a metal plate of up to 1.5 mm, and acquire up to 30% better grouping than a standard lead pellet. The LETHAL™ Hunting Pellet has ultra high ballistic coefficients, with more terminal penetration, a stable flight trajectory and a longer polymer skirt.

The LETHAL™ Hunting Pellet features a dome tip and a two-body design, has unmatched aerodynamic stability, weighs 0.36g and has a symmetric dome tip for ultimate penetration. The pellet retails for $19.95 for a packet of 100 per tin.

Gamo is a world leader in the production of top quality, accurate airgun ammunition. Nowadays Gamo holds a huge pellet range for every kind of shooter, from training pellets, target shooting pellets, to high performance pellets for hunting.

Gamo Outdoor USA is a leading consumer products company that designs, manufactures and markets a diverse portfolio of outdoor sporting goods products under such world class brands as GAMO®, BSA Optics®, Laser Genetics®, Aftermath®, Stunt Studios® and is the exclusive distributor of BSA Guns™. For more information, visit www.gamooutdoorusa.comFacebook.com/GamoOutdoorUSA; Twitter.com/GamoOutdoor; andYouTube.com/GamoOutdoor.

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