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FS Deal of the Day: SLIDE-FIRE AR-15 Rifle Stock, SBS, Right Hand by Webyshops

TheĀ SLIDE-FIRE AR-15 Rifle Stock, SBS, Right Hand (SSAR-15-SBS-RH) is designed for use on all AR-15 rifles equipped with a carbine style buffer tube. There are no permanent modifications necessary to install the SSAR-15.

Simply remove the factory pistol grip and replace it with the provided Interface Block. The SSAR-15 replaces the factory adjustable stock by simply sliding onto the buffer tube. All tools required to install the SSAR-15 are provided.

Slide Fire Solutions, LP (SFS) is proud to announce the SSAR-15 SBS (Standard Battle Stock); the latest design in our SFS Superior Performance Stocks. The SSAR-15 SBS is in the same line as the SSAR-15 OGR (Original Gun-stock Release) which means you can expect the same performance, reliability, and craftsmanship as with all SFS products.

The SSAR-15 SBS is offered in the same options as all SFS Superior Performance Stocks. Options include right and left hand models. The SSAR-15 SBS and the SSAR-15 OGR are winter trigger guard and SPADE compatible.

The primary difference between the SSAR-15 SBS and the SSAR-15 OGR is the design intent. In an effort to cater to varying consumer preferences, the SSAR-15 SBS is designed to resemble current combat rifle stocks.


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