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Deal of the Day by Webyshops: LEUPOLD BX-1 Yosemite 6×30 Binoculars

LEUPOLD BX-1 Yosemite 6×30 Binoculars, Clamshell (116723)


  • Synergy built optics
  • Ideal combination of power and field of view for tracking movement
  • Narrow interpupillary distance adjustments
  • Twist up eyecups
  • Smooth focusing
  • L-Coat BAK4 prisms
  • Fully multi-coated lenses for maximum brightness, clarity, contrast, and color fidelity
  • Generous eye relief for comfortable extended viewing, even for inexperienced users
  • Close focus distance of 10 feet
  • Diopter focus
  • Armor coated, rugged, and waterproof
  • Porro prism design
  • Clamshell
  • Black Finish
  • Leupold’s Full Lifetime Guarantee

Deal of the Day by Webyshops: VORTEX Diamondback 4-12×40 AO Riflescope


The VORTEX Diamondback 4-12×40 AO Riflescope, Dead-Hold BDC Reticle, Matte Black (DBK-412B) is ideal for big game, predator/varmint, muzzleloader, slug shotgun, long range, and target applications. This model riflescope features the adjustable objective (AO), which uses an adjustment mechanism on the objective lens to fine-tune focus for the purpose of reducing parallax shooting error.
Vortex knows good hunting gets all the better with high quality optics. For that reason, Vortex makes sure every glass surface of the Diamondback is fully multi-coated to transmit 91% of the light – delivering the bright details you need when taking aim.
The solid one-piece aircraft-grade aluminum alloy construction makes the Diamondback riflescope virtually indestructible and highly resistant to magnum recoil. Argon purging puts waterproof and fogproof performance on the agenda, and advanced fully multi-coated optics raise an eyebrow when crystal clear, tack-sharp images appear in the crosshairs.
Precision-Glide Erector System features premium-grade fluoropolymer teflon resin bushings that provide exceptional resistance to stress cracking, temperature change, corrosion, and friction-induced wear. In addition, these bushings have an ultra-low coefficient of friction for the smoothest possible operation of the magnification adjustment.
The Dead-Hold BDC reticle has a customized design that helps eliminate guesswork on hold-over and windage corrections. It is good for any hunting or shooting at varying ranges where estimating hold-over would be a concern.
The Diamondback 4-12×40 AO Riflescope comes with removable lens covers, dust cloth and the VIP Unconditional Lifetime Warranty.

Adjustable objective (AO) allows maximum precision on small targets
Fully Multi-Coated Lenses increase light transmission with multiple anti-reflective coatings on all air-to-glass surfaces
1 inch one-piece tube maximizes strength and waterproofness
Aircraft-Grade Aluminum – premium grade of aluminum, valued for fatigue resistance
Precision-Glide Erector System uses premium components in the zoom lens mechanism, ensuring smooth magnification changes under the harshest conditions
Fast Focus Eyepiece allows quick and easy reticle focusing
Low Profile Turrets are less susceptible to accidental impact damage
Reset Turrets allow re-indexing of the turret housing to zero after sighting in the riflescope – generally requires use of a coin or wrench
Waterproof and fogproof
Dead-Hold BDC Reticle
Matte Black Finish
VIP Unconditional Lifetime Warranty

Price: $299.90


Bushnell Outdoor Products Adds Six New Riflescopes to its AR Optics Line


Overland Park, Kan., August 22, 2013 — (Webyshops.com) Bushnell Outdoor Products, an

industry-leader in high performance sports optics, has introduced six new riflescopes which will be carried by Webyshops.

The six new riflescopes in the AR Optics line range in configuration from a 1-4x 24mm scope for close target acquisition to a 4.5-18x 40mm scope designed for extended range shooting.

Bushnell’s new additions to its AR Optics series are meant for the growing population of modern sporting rifle owners.

The new Bushnell AR Optics line features fully multi-coated optics that deliver bright, clear images and each is built with a durable one-piece tube that is fully waterproof and fog proof.

Target turrets are also included for rapid windage and elevation adjustments.

Four of the scopes in the line feature side parallax focus, which allows shooters to obtain a clear sight picture at any range. There are three bullet-drop compensation (BDC) reticles available in the AR Optics line: DropZone-22, DropZone-223 and BTR-1, the Bushnell scopes are designed for ease of use and quick target acquisition. Each scope in the line features a fast focus eyepiece that can be quickly adjusted to bring the image into focus.

Bushnell Outdoor Products Introduces the Fixed Power Red Dot Sight as Part of New AR Optics Line

Overland Park, Kan., August 14, 2013 — (Webyshops.com) Webyshops will carry the new Fixed Power Red Dot Sight introduced by Bushnell Outdoor Products, an industry-leader in high performance sports optics.

The new Bushnell TRS-32 carries an elevated 30 mm tactical ring for optimum sight height.

It conserves battery life by self regulating brightness based on available light and power down when the protective storage hood is attached.

The new AR Optic includes a CR2032 battery which makes the riflescope lighter to carry.

The Bushnell TRS-32mm features a 5 MOA Reticle Red Dot Riflescope with a flip up lens cover. Along with 11 brightness settings that provide the most optimum illumination in any light condition.

Bushnell Scopes are brilliant, multi-coated optics which deliver the ultimate confidence boost in low light.

The Fixed Power Red Dot Sight is also 100 percent water proof, fog proof and it offers shock proof construction.

The new Fixed Power Red Dot Sight TRS-32 comes with many features for an affordable retail price of $149.99. To learn more about the new TRS-32 or any other AR Optics, visit Bushnell’s product page.

Deal of the Day by Weyshops: THERMA-CELL Mosquito Repellent


Using a unique, patented technology that the Environmental Protection Agency evaluated for safety and effectiveness, the THERMA-CELL Mosquito Repellent, Camo Appliance , 12 hrs (MR-F) is the most effective area mosquito repellent available to consumers.

The Therma-CELL Mosquito Repellent creates an odorless cell of protection that is up to 98% effective against mosquitoes and other biting insects. It operates on a single butane cartridge, which heats a repellent mat releasing allethrin, which is a synthetic copy of the natural repellent found in chrysanthemum flowers, covering a 225-square feet area (15ft x 15ft) for up to four hours per mat or 12 hours per refill kit.

Stay mosquito free with the Therma-CELL Mosquito Repellent Appliance.


  • Repels up to 98% of mosquitoes. Also repels black flies, no-see ums and sand flies
  • Provides a 15 x 15 ft ”Bug-Free-Zone”
  • Camo Appliance
  • Compact, Cordless and Portable
  • No Deet
  • Odor free – undetectable to animals
  • Effective alternative to smelly lotions and sprays which must be applied to the skin
  • Tested and approved by the U.S. Army. Currently used in Iraq, Kuwait and Afghanistan
  • EPA approved
  • Provides up to 50 times more protection than mosquito coils or citronella candles
  • High energy butane lasts 30 times longer than the energy of alkaline batteries
  • Perfect for hunting, fishing, camping, barbeques, backyards, decks and many other outdoor activities

Open Box by Webyshops: TIFOSI Logic Series Sunglasses

TIFOSI Logic Series Sunglasses, Race Neon Frame, Smoke/AC Red/Clear Lens (T-I855)
Price: $$35.00 (Regular price: $$60.00)
Quantity: 1
To place an order email cs@webyshops.com. Copy and past the following into the subject line of your email: Interested in Open Box Item TIF-50102901. Alternatively, call 800-851-9329 between 8 am and 6 pm Central Standard Time to place your order.

Deal of the Day by Webyshops: VORTEX Viper PST 4-16×50 FFP Riflescope


Specifically designed for the military, law enforcement and committed precision shooting communities, the VORTEX Viper PST 4-16×50 FFP Riflescope, EBR-1 MRAD Reticle (PST-416F1-M) offers the highest levels of performance and reliability. With features such as matched turret/reticle subtensions, CRS zero stop mechanisms and precision ranging reticles, the Viper PST is ready for any situation.
The Viper PST (Precision Shooting Tactical) is built on a precision-machined, one-piece aircraft-grade aluminum tube protected by a type-3 hard-anodized finish. The large diameter 30mm tube provides additional strength and rigidity, as well as extra room for extreme range elevation adjustments. The construction is 100% waterproof, dustproof and fogproof – purged with argon gas to prevent internal fogging and corrosion.
This model riflescope uses a first focal plane reticle. This style of reticle maintains its subtensions regardless of magnification change – the reticle appears to grow and shrink as the magnification changes. The main advantage to this style reticle is that the reticle subtensions used for ranging, holdovers and wind drift corrections are always accurate at any magnification.
XR coatings deliver incredible image detail with extremely high resolution and light transmission. XD (Extra-low Dispersion) glass objective lens elements made of extra-low dispersion glass enhance image resolution and are carefully selected and precision crafted to exacting standards for true-to-life images of startling clarity and color accuracy.
The Viper PST FFP riflescope uses a side focus parallax adjustment which, when properly set, eliminates parallax errors. Parallax is a phenomenon that results when the target image does not quite fall on the same optical plane as the reticle within the scope. When the shooter’s eye is not precisely centered in the eyepiece, there can be apparent movement of the target in relation to the reticle, which can cause a small shift in the point of aim. Parallax error is most problematic for precision shooters using high magnification.
Matching (mrad or MOA) turrets and reticles facilitate fast, accurate range calculations. Unique, stackable shims provide a zero-stop under the elevation turret, and the patent-pending fiber optic Radius Bar turret rotation indicator visually tracks revolutions.
Tall uncapped turrets are O-ring sealed for absolute waterproof performance and feature precision-machined turret screws. Finally, the Precision-Force system, using the heavy-duty aluminum alloy erector tube and a single zero-memory chromium vanadium erector spring, provides precision and predictable tracking.
ArmorTek is an ultra-hard, scratch-resistant lens armor, chemically bonded on the outer glass surfaces. ArmorTek’s unique stain-proof topcoat features a slippery surface that actually repels the oil and corrosive salts from fingerprints. Dust, dirt and smudges are easily wiped away without fear of scratching the optical glass beneath.
Designed to maximize long distance shooting and ranging abilities, the EBR-1 MRAD reticle can be used to effectively determine ranges, holdovers, windage corrections and moving target leads. Ultra precision laser etching on the glass reticle ensures that mrad specifications can be kept to the tightest tolerances possible. The fine center crosshair subtensions on the EBR-1 MRAD reticle were carefully chosen to provide the optimum balance between precision aiming and low light visibility.
Born from an intimate understanding of riflescope design, forward-thinking engineering, and open ears to a market incredibly vocal about what it wants in a riflescope, the Viper PST riflescope delivers the performance and features tactical shooters demand at an economical price.
The Viper PST 4-16×50 FFP Riflescope comes with 4-inch sunshade, CR2032 battery, CRS shims and the VIP Unconditional Lifetime Warranty.

First focal plane subtensions remain consistent throughout the magnification range
Optically indexed lenses delivers optimum image sharpness and brightness with true reticle use for full ranging and holdover from edge to edge because of computer-controlled alignment during construction
XD Lens Elements provide the edge-to-edge sharpness needed to differentiate details at any distance
XR Lens Coatings increase light transmission with multiple coatings on all air-to-glass surfaces
30 mm tube provides greater strength and wider adjustment lattitude as compared to a 1-inch tube
One-piece tube maximizes alignment for improved accuracy and optimum visual performance as well as strength and waterproofness
Aircraft-grade aluminum construction from a solid block of 6061-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum delivers increased strength and rigidity
Waterproof, fogproof and shockproof
Type-3 hard-coat anodization is durable; the low-glare matte helps camouflage the shooter’s position
ArmorTek – ultra-hard, scratch-resistant coating repels oils and corrosive salts on outer glass surfaces
Customizable Rotational Stop (CRS) prevents dialing more than one rotation below your zero so you don’t lose the zero when dialing large amounts of elevation corrections
Tall uncapped turrets make range calculation and shooting adjustments fast and accurate with subtension marks that match the reticle
First focal plane reticle – scale of reticle remains in proportion to the zoomed image. Constant subtensions allow accurate holdover and ranging at all magnifications – no shift in point of impact during zoom
Single spring construction fully constrains (without over-constraining) the optical system for predictable, improved accuracy throughout the range of elevation adjustment
Glass-etched reticle protected between two layers of glass (not made from wire) for optimum durability and reliability
Illuminated reticle – electronic illumination aids in low light visibility of reticle (Battery included)
Illumination control can be turned on or off with a single click between each intensity level – allowing access to a preferred illumination setting without having to progress through each intensity level
MagView bar combines a fiber optics magnification indicator with raised rear-facing magnification references for clear viewing in low light conditions
Radius bar fiber optic turret rotation indicator provides illuminated and tactile point of reference for turret rotations
Fast focus eyepiece allows quick and easy reticle focusing
Side parallax uses an adjustment mechanism on the left side of the riflescope to fine-tune focus to eliminate parallax shooting error
The EBR-1 MRAD reticle uses mrad based subtension lines for ranging, holdover, and windage corrections
VIP Unconditional Lifetime Warranty

Price: $899.00

Deal of the Day by Webyshops: 5.11 Tac AKL Gloves


The 5.11 Tac AKL Gloves, Black (59339019) are all leather gloves with full Kevlar liner for maximum durability and 360′äç protection from flash and slash hazards. Supple but durable goatskin surrounds your hands in comfort with excellent dexterity and pliability making the Tac AKL a great choice for wear on patrol and most other duty applications.

The knit Kevlar lining is precision fit into the shell so you can perform all tasks from driving to pat downs without removing your gloves or sacrificing sensitivity. The Tac AKL gloves feature the patented TacticalTouch construction system for maximum dexterity and longer service life. There is no seam at the fingertip to add bulk, wear out, or irritate you. A single piece of leather forms the palm and underside of the fingers, and wraps up and over the fingertips, leaving the pads of your fingers free of seams for remarkable touch and zero irritation. Tac AKL gloves feature a gathered elastic wrist closure for ease of donning and doffing.



  • Full Kevlar flash and slash protective lining
  • Tough full Goatskin leather outer shell.
  • Tactical Touch precision fit fingertips for maximum dexterity and comfort.
  • Seamless palm
  • Gathered elastic wrist closure
  • Care: Hand wash in cool water, line dry, do not use bleach or iron
  • Built with American made Kevlar fabric

Deal of the Day by Webyshops: BURRIS Speed Bead Mount


The new BURRIS Speed Bead Mount, Benelli Super Black Eagle (original) 12ga (410671) makes it easier to outfit your favorite shotgun with a SpeedBead red dot sight, or move your FastFire I, II or III from your pistol or long gun for use during waterfowl season.
The FastFire sight easily attaches to the mount with two screws. The mount is designed to fit between the receiver and rear stock on specific shotguns.

Makes it easier to outfit your shotgun with a SpeedBead red dot sight, or move your FastFire I, II or III from your pistol or long gun for use during waterfowl season
Made for Benelli Super Black Eagle (original) 12ga
Attaches the FastFire sight with two screws
Matte Black Finish

Price: $79.00

Deal of the Day by Webyshops: SITKA Stormfront Pant


The perfect partner to the jacket, the SITKA Stormfront Pant, Optifade Open Country (50014-OB) plays a critical shield against a saturated mother earth by utilizing GORE-TEX Performance Shell fabric and is also durable enough to last above timberline.

Designed to satisfy the heartiest breeds, no detail was spared on this burly better half. Removable suspenders, gusseted crotch, articulated knees, and full length leg zips.


  • Severe weather protection
  • Rugged three-layer hard-shell
  • Articulated knees and seat
  • Full side zips
  • Reinforced laminated instep patch
  • Gusseted crotch for comfort and range of motion
  • Internal belt system
  • Technology: Micro-taped and laser cut seams
  • Fabric details: GORE-TEX Performance Shell, DWR finish, polyester weave
  • Optifade Open Country Color
  • Sizes: M-XXL