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P&P Outdoors Reviews Vortex Optics Ranger 1000 for Webyshops

Nick Pullano of P&P Outdoors shows us the features of the Vortex Optics Ranger 1000 in the Webyshops product review.



Spring Time Savings with Zeiss



Order your new Zeiss rifle scopes and binoculars from Webyshops before May 4, 2014.

Webyshops Begins Selling Firearms And Ammunition Online

ARLINGTON, Texas, March 6, 2014: Outdoor retailer Webyshops.com has announced that they will begin selling firearms and ammunition to all US online customers. With this recent move, Webyshops challenges the likes of other online firearm and ammunition retailers like Midway USA, Brownells, and Cheaper Than Dirt.

Webyshops CEO Mikhail Orlov recently commented on his excitement about venturing into online firearm and ammunition sales:

“While firearm sales in general and online specifically are a hot political topic today, the industry is lacking companies that can do it in full compliance with Federal and State laws while also delivering an exceptional shopping and customer service experience. We believe we can do both.”

Orlov went on to further describe how rare it is to find a reliable online retailer for firearms and ammunition: “Google and Amazon are starting to shun businesses in the shooting industry by removing product listings and shutting down ads that focus on gun accessories and parts. We see this as an opportunity to fill in the void and provide law abiding citizens with access to exceptional values on firearms, ammunition, scopes, and other accessories from over 300 brands and 250,000 SKUs.”

Part of their new online sales campaign involves educating the consumer on the legal and safe way to acquire firearms from legitimate sources at prices unmatched by big box stores. Now customers can easily follow their guidelines to make the process painless. Once approved for transfer, a customer can have the firearm of their choice shipped to an authorized FFL certificate holder or dealer in just a matter of days.

What are the advantages of purchasing a firearm online from Webyshops? Unlike most stores that have high cost of retail space, Webyshops maintains lower prices on their inventory because they operate more like Sam’s Club or Costco. In addition, Webyshops is electronically connected to key manufacturers and distributors in the outdoor industry. This gives customers an insider opportunity to buy direct at almost wholesale prices. Webyshops’ strong connectivity also translates into inventory that covers not hundreds, but thousands of firearms and accessories. Because of their diversified product offering, Webyshops customer service representatives can find gun parts based on the year and model of a firearm. Think an automotive parts store solution for firearms and outdoor equipment.


Like many prominent retail sites on the web, you can trace the origins of Webyshops to a small home office. Founded by a tight knit group of outdoor retail industry veterans in 2010, CEO Orlov and associates noticed there was a gap between sites that were selling firearms and sites that were focused on general outdoor gear. The former typically looked homemade and lacked the functionality consumers expect. The latter did not offer the shooting products that Webyshops’ founders considered to be in high demand. Building on the formula that customers want knowledge and direction alongside low prices, site functionality, and good design, Webyshops began by exclusively selling sports optics. Success soon saw the company expand to the entirety of the outdoor equipment market. Today they are committed to being the personal gear outfitter for every variety of shooter and outdoor explorer. In addition to their ever-growing list of online products, Webyshops also maintains a spacious Show Room at their Arlington, Texas headquarters.

For more information on how to purchase firearms online from Webyshops visit: How To Buy A Firearm Online.

Browning Adds a Touch of Class to Their Rifle and Shotgun Sling Line

Barbed Wire Sling

Buffalo Nickel Sling

Horsehair Black Sling

Horsehair Driftwood Sling

Horsehair Royal Sling

Horsehair Timber Sling

Southwestern Sling

Morgan, UT—Browning has added a line of new Horsehair Slings to their accessory line for 2010.

Browning’s new Horsehair Slings feature a braided horsehair shoulder strap that is stylish, comfortable and strong. It features all-leather reinforcement and a thumb loop. One size will be offered that fits most shotguns and rifles. Available in Timber, Royal, Black and Driftwood colors, the suggested retail price is $59.95.

Another new sling from Browning is the Buffalo Nickel Sling. This sling features a basket weave design with full-grain leather construction with suede backing and unique buffalo nickel overlays. Braided horsehair inlay and Buck Mark logo are included. Suggested Retail price is $69.95.

The new Southwestern Sling from Browning features a Jacquard weave pattern in southwestern style with full-grain leather construction and suede backing. The sling is accented with braided horsehair inlays and has a suggested retail price of $69.95.

The Barbed Wire Sling from Browning features a twisted leather cord that provides a barbed wire look. Also constructed of full-grain leather with suede backing, the new Barbed Wire Sling has a suggested retail price of $69.95.

New SureFire WeaponLight Delivers White & IR Light with No Filter

Fountain Valley, CA — SureFire, LLC, manufacturer of high-end illumination tools and tactical products, has unveiled a new lightweight LED WeaponLight capable of seamlessly switching from white to infrared light-no IR filter required. The new 620V, the latest in SureFire’s Scout Light® line, features a high-output white-light and IR LED in one sealed unit, both of which are fully selectable on the fly. And for military and law enforcement personnel who rely upon both white and infrared light to conduct their business, the 620V represents a major technological advancement. SureFire Flashlights

Previously, if an operator wanted high-output white and IR light from one light source, the best option was an incandescent WeaponLight paired with an infrared filter. This is because white-light LEDs produce negligible infrared radiation and cannot be paired with an infrared filter for use on covert missions involving night vision devices (NVDs). However, incandescent lamps can break and will eventually burn out, and filters can be lost or damaged in the heat of battle, which made it necessary for operators to carry extra lamps and/or filters in the field. The 620V eliminates this problem by offering both white-light/IR capability and superior durability. Durability specifically in the form of weather-sealed, solid-state LEDs, which, unlike incandescent lamps, have no filament to break or burn out, so they never need replacing.

By incorporating a selectable white and IR light LED into one head, SureFire has given operators the ability to switch from a 150 lumens of blinding white light to 120 mW of invisible (to the naked eye) infrared light in under a second. A Total Internal Reflection lens focuses the light in either mode to create a beam with plenty of reach and enough surround light to accommodate peripheral vision, making the 620V suitable for both close-quarter and longer-range applications. And to ensure the WeaponLight never accidentally switches modes in the heat of combat, a spring-loaded selector ring automatically locks in place when a mode is selected.

Along with eliminating the need to carry spare lamps and filters in the field, fewer spare batteries are also needed with this new Scout Light. This is because LEDs operate far more efficiently than incandescent lamps. The 620V generates nearly two hours of tactical-level (enough to temporarily overwhelm night-adapted eyesight) white light on a set of batteries, or eight hours of useful infrared light on that same set.

The light itself won’t bog down a weapon or add to an operator’s load, either. It’s constructed of aerospace aluminum, hard anodized with a Mil-Spec finish, that’s as strong as steel but much lighter. And its compact size-less than six inches long and under eight ounces-doesn’t compromise a weapon’s maneuverability or eat up a lot of space on an accessory rail. A quick-attach/detach throw-lever mount securely attaches the 620V to any Picatinny rail, even out-of-spec ones, in seconds. And an included tape switch gives an operator the choice of activating the light via tailcap switching or, for even more surgical control, via the pressure-sensitive tape switch.

Newest SureFire “CombatLight” Lives Up to Name

Fountain Valley, CA — SureFire, LLC, manufacturer of high-end illumination tools and tactical products, has created a new flashlight designed and built with the needs of law enforcement officers and other tactical professionals in mind. Their new AZ2 LED CombatLight® features two useful output levels, a durable hard-anodized aluminum body, tactical tailcap switching, and SureFire’s proprietary CombatGrip, which makes pairing the light with a weapon easier.Flashlights

The AZ2′s dual-output and compact size make it a great choice as an everyday-carry primary light for law enforcement officers. It features a virtually indestructible primary LED that generates a far-reaching, 150-lumen beam capable of temporarily overpowering an aggressor’s eyesight. Surrounding the main LED is a ring of four secondary LEDs that produce a 35-lumen wide-angle beam designed for clearing buildings, loading gear, and other closer-range tasks that don’t require quite so much light or reach. Both beams are shaped by a special micro-textured reflector that blends the light so there are no rings, dark spots, or other imperfections typical of lesser flashlights.

The flashlight’s body is precision milled from aerospace aluminum, which is as strong as steel but lighter, and then covered with a Mil-Spec hard-anodized finish nearly as hard as diamonds. The body is tapered to reduce weight and improve ergonomics, part of SureFire’s exclusive CombatGrip, which along with a rubber grip ring, allows the light to be held and operated “syringe style” when paired with a handgun, as well as provides excellent purchase in cold, wet weather or while wearing heavy gloves. Partially depressing the tailcap pushbutton delivers the lower output; pressing farther unleashes all 150 lumens from the light’s primary LED.

Weighing in at only 5.1 ounces, with batteries, and measuring less than six inches in length, the AZ2 is compact and combat ready-especially when paired with a lightweight, quick-deploy holster like SureFire’s V85A Polymer Speed Holster. The AZ2 currently retails for $260, and the V85A holster is sold separately for $49.

About SureFire

Located in Fountain Valley, California, SureFire is a leading manufacturer of high-performance flashlights, weapon-mounted lights, and other tactical equipment for those who go in harm’s way, or anyone who demands the ultimate in quality, innovation, and performance. SureFire illumination tools are used by more SWAT teams and elite special operations groups than any other brand. SureFire is an ISO 9001:2000-certified company.

Alpen Ranked Second in 2009 Binocular Sales

Ranch Cucamonga, CA – According to the February 2010 NSSF Survey Tracker Report, Alpen Optics ranked 2nd in Binocular Sales in 2009 amongst at total of 14 optics manufacturers included in the survey. Alpen was 2nd only to Bushnell and finished ahead of 12 other companies including Nikon, Leupold, Swarovski, and Zeiss.

The information used to compile the report was sourced by HunterSurvey.com. HunterSurvey is a monthly industry monitoring service which uses an online panel of active hunters and target shooters. The information is provided by Southwick Associates, Inc.

To view the NSSF Survey Tracker Report click on this link: http://www.nssf.org/share/PDF/IndustryResearchDocs/0210Survey_Tracker.pdf

“We’re very excited about these results,” said Vickie Gardner, Vice President of Marketing for Alpen Optics. “We’ve always just remained focused on providing the best quality optics we could at the most affordable price. We knew it would take a little time for hunters and shooting enthusiasts to become aware of us. Results like this are recognition that our customers truly appreciate the products we make and the value we offer.”

About Alpen Optics

Alpen Optics is known for its line of binoculars, spotting scopes, rifle scopes and accessories. Alpen’s objective is to provide superior quality optical products at affordable prices while providing features and benefits normally found only on products priced much higher.

Alpen offers more than 70 products and accessories, and all are backed up by a limited lifetime factory warranty.

Alpen is the only optics company “in the universe” to win 6 Outdoor Life Annual Gear Test “Great Buy” Awards!

For more information about Alpen Optics, visit www.alpenoutdoor.com or www.alpenoptics.com, or call 877-987-8370.

Media members interested in field testing any of the Alpen Optics products for an editorial review, should contact Joe Wieczorek of The Media Group at joe@themediagroupinc.com or call (847) 956-9090.

Umarex USA Introduces .22 LR Colt Government 1911 Series

FORT SMITH, ARKANSAS – (May 13, 2010) – Umarex USA, the leader in firearm replication, introduces the Colt Government 1911 chambered in .22 L.R. The dedicated .22 long rifle (LR) platform is a new, licensed reproduction available in three rimfire variants-Government models 1911, 1911 Rail Gun, and 1911 Gold Cup.

Umarex USA introduced the Colt M4 and M16 Tactical Rimfire replicas in 2009 and is continuing its relationship as United States importer for Colt .22s manufactured by Carl Walther Germany under license from New Colt Holding Corporation. Adam Blalock, President and CEO for Umarex USA said, “.22 caliber pistols are utilized for their cost economy and target shooting capabilities. Our team is absolutely stoked about this opportunity to offer shooters a high quality authentic Colt 1911 .22 pistol! And the timing couldn’t be better, with the 1911 celebrating 100 years.”

All three Colt Government rimfire models are dedicated .22 L.R.s, but they’re engineered in true replica form with fully functioning thumb and grip safeties and the 1911′s authentic half-cock mechanism. Grips and sights can be interchanged with after-market accessories and the barrel is threaded to accept a suppressor. The Rail Gun incorporates original features like a skeleton trigger, combat-style sights, beavertail grip safety, extended thumb safety, and a commander-style hammer.

“There are already a couple of .22 caliber 1911 pistols on the market, but none bear Colt’s trademarks, full functionality, and quality,” said Richard Turner, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Umarex USA. “If the barrel size was the same, you wouldn’t know the difference by just looking at it.”

The new Colt .22 replicas will be available through select distributors, local firearm dealers and some national retailers beginning in November 2010. They will come with one 12-round magazine and retails will range from $399 to $450 depending on the model.

For additional information visit http://www.Colt22Rimfire.com.

Umarex was established in 1972 as “Uma Mayer Ussfeller GmbH” and served the market for tear gas and signal pistols followed by air rifles. After acquiring Reck Sportwaffen Fabrick Karl Arndt, they reorganized ultimately under Umarex. The company’s Reck PK 800 enjoys worldwide acclaim and appears on the market as the perfect replica of the Walther PPK. Umarex has now become the largest maker of replicas by offering numerous German-made air guns, tear gas, signal pistols and replica firearms. Umarex is Europe’s largest marketer of air rifles and Umarex USA is North America’s fastest growing airgun and replica rimfire gun company. Umarex USA markets their airguns, airsoft, paintball and rimfire products under famous brands such as Walther, RWS, Smith & Wesson, Browning, Heckler & Koch, Ruger, Beretta, Colt, Magnum Research and others. For additional information regarding Umarex USA visit www.UmarexUSA.com.

Smith & Wesson Introduces New Self Defense (SD) Pistol Series

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (May 12, 2010) — Smith & Wesson® Corp., the legendary 158-year old firearms maker, announced that the company has unveiled a new line of firearms designed to assist with personal and home protection needs – the Smith & Wesson Self Defense™ (SD) Series. Chambered in 9mm and .40 S&W, the Smith & Wesson SD9™ and SD40™ semi-automatic pistols offer a variety of features requested by individuals for use at home and for personal defense applications.

“The new SD9 and SD40 pistols combine the best of both price and functionality in a reliable, ergonomic firearm engineered with one specific goal in mind – self defense,” said Tom Kelly Vice President of Marketing for Smith & Wesson. “Each year thousands of people across the United States set out to find a firearm for home defense purposes that meets their requirements in terms of dependability, accuracy, comfort and value. With the introduction of the new Self Defense Series, we have addressed each of these criteria while also providing the peace of mind long associated with the Smith & Wesson name.”

Manufactured with a lightweight polymer frame, the striker fired SD9 and SD40 feature a stainless steel slide and 4-inch barrel. Both pistols are standard with a black Melonite® finish that helps to reduce unwanted glare while yielding a surface hardness of 68 on the Rockwell scale. Among the key features found on the Smith & Wesson SD9 and SD40 is the new Self Defense Trigger™ (SDT). Providing a smooth, consistent trigger pull from the first round to the last, the SDT design not only improves accuracy but also provides users with a heightened sense of confidence during the most stressful situations. To help aid in precise shot placement and quick sight alignment when it matters the most, the SD9 and SD40 pistols feature an easily visible tritium front night sight and a steel, white two-dot rear sight.

For improved firearm control, the SD pistol has been fitted with an 18° slim, ergonomic grip with aggressive front and back strap texturing. The Smith & Wesson SD9 and SD40 are also standard with distinctive front and rear slide serrations that enable convenient and comfortable manipulation of the slide. Underneath the barrel, a universal Picatinny-style equipment rail is standard for optional tactical lights, lasers and other popular accessories. The Smith & Wesson SD9 and SD40 have also been built with a textured finger locator, which is placed directly above the trigger guard on the left and right side of the frame.

The SD9 is available with either a 16+1 or 10+1 round capacity while the SD40 is standard with either a 14+1 or 10+1 magazine capacity. Both pistols have an unloaded weight of 22.7 ounces and a slender width of 1.29 inches. The SD9 and SD40 are supplied with two magazines and the Smith & Wesson lifetime service policy is standard with each pistol.

Thompson/Center Introduces Larry Weishuhn Signature Series Encore Pro Hunter Model

Rochester, N.H. – Thompson/Center Arms Company, Inc., a Smith & Wesson company, announced that it will introduce a new Encore® handgun package as part of the Larry Weishuhn Signature Series at the 2010 National Rifle Association (NRA) Annual Meeting and Exhibits taking place May 14-16 in Charlotte, North Carolina. During the NRA convention, the widely recognized Thompson/Center professional hunter, credited writer and television personality will be on hand to promote the new pistol as well as talk one-on-one with attendees and fans.Nikon Pistol Scope

As one of the world’s most respected wildlife biologists, Weishuhn has amassed a lifetime of knowledge regarding management programs, hunting tactics and general firearms data. Dubbed “Mr. Whitetail” by his colleagues and friends, Weishuhn is a leading authority in the industry on the research, management, hunting of white-tailed deer, as well as the promotion of the species and their habitat. An award winning and internationally acclaimed author, he has penned over 2,500 feature articles and numerous books for many of the industry’s largest publications. Through his personal adventures and on-screen excursions, Weishuhn has pursued game animals across the globe bringing his enthusiasm for the sport with him on every adventure. When not on the range or in the field, Weishuhn devotes his time and talents to numerous organizations, helping hunters and landowners learn more about managing and harvesting the bucks of their dreams.

“When it comes to individuals in the hunting and shooting community, few do it better than Larry Weishuhn,” said Tom Kelly, Vice President of Marketing for Thompson/Center Arms. “Not only is Larry a human database on whitetail genetics, game management, hunting and general firearms information, but he is also one of the most likeable people in the industry. By just spending a few minutes with Larry, it’s hard not to get caught up in the passion he brings to his profession. Never without a smile, Larry goes above and beyond working with kids and veteran hunters alike so that they can better understand and appreciate the principals of nature.”

In 1995, Weishuhn entered into a love affair with what is today one of Thompson/Center’s most popular firearms – the Encore. Fresh off the assembly line, the Encore had yet to be announced to the general public when Weishuhn encountered the firearm for the first time. In Weishuhn’s own words, it was love at first sight and both he and the Encore have been faithful to each other ever since. Since that first encounter, Weishuhn has used the Encore on a wide variety of game in numerous countries around the globe. Today, some 14 years later, Thompson/Center has given both the firearm and Weishuhn the credit they deserve with the introduction of the Larry Weishuhn Signature Series Encore pistol.

The new Encore pistol bears Weishuhn’s signature on the right side of the blued receiver along with his personal antler logo created in gold inlay. The esthetically pleasing handgun remains true to its original platform with its single-shot break open design and interchangeable barrel capabilities. The blued frame Encore® Pro Hunter™ is chambered in .308 and is standard with a 15-inch blued barrel with fluting. As part of the package, each Encore pistol will be shipped with a new Nikon Encore pistol scope, Pachmayr® grips and a soft carrying case. The pistol features Thompson/Center’s patented automatic hammer block safety with bolt interlock and a highly accurate precision barrel. The Larry Weishuhn Signature Series package will have an MSRP of $1,199.

“It has been a very satisfying and rewarding experience to work with Thompson/Center on the creation of this new Encore Pro Hunter series,” said Larry Weishuhn. “To my way of thinking, there is no finer hunting gun in the world, regardless of whether it is used as a rifle, muzzleloader, pistol or shotgun. My favorite firearm of choice has and always will be the Encore. It has served as a faithful companion on more hunting trips than I can count and there is no better feeling than to talk with fellow hunters who use the Encore and hold it in the same esteem that I do.”

Throughout the three-day NRA convention, Weishuhn will be in the Thompson/Center booth talking with patrons and fans about the new Encore Pro Hunter pistol. Those in attendance are encouraged to stop by the Thompson/Center booth to speak with “Mr. Whitetail” himself and learn more about the latest Thompson/Center introduction. The Thompson/Center booth (#1519) will be located in the main hall of the Charlotte Convention Center.